In the Community of Christ we believe Christ's mission is our mission.  All ministries, personnel, and resources of the World Church are focused on the whole mission of Jesus Christ through five, life-changing, church-changing, and world-changing Mission Initiatives:

  1. Invite People to Christ

  2. Abolish Poverty, End Suffering

  3. Pursue Peace on Earth

  4. Develop Disciples to Serve

  5. Experience Congregations in Mission

We invite you to look below or visit the World Church for more details about each mission.


Our Enduring Principles define the essence, heart, and soul of our faith community. They describe the personality of our church as expressed throughout the world.  Our Enduring Principles are...

  1. Grace and Generosity

  2. Sacredness of Creation

  3. Continuing Revelation

  4. Worth of All Persons

  5. All Are Called

  6. Responsible Choices

  7. Pursuit of Peace (Shalom)

  8. Unity in Diversity

  9. Blessings of Community

Each principle includes statements that help explain its meaning. These statements are not meant to be limiting or comprehensive.